i think i’m in love

Posted: January 4, 2009 in love

i got ‘for emma, forever ago’ by bon iver today and it is stunning. 

i think i loved the words for their poetry first… and then the music took my breath away. 


for emma, forever ago

  1. emmsy says:

    been listening to some bon iver on youtube since tims comment. loving it. if i wasnt broke/saving i’d be buying some too!

  2. suz says:

    i can lend you it if you like.. :) gotta spread the love around, right? he’s on myspace too…

  3. emmsy says:

    amazing… you rock!

  4. suz says:

    i meant to bring it sunday… but i forgot. so i will give it to you when i next see you.. saturday, if i remember.. :)

  5. emmsy says:

    this is so awesome. i think im in love, too.

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