there’s no way out, we are surrounded

Posted: January 6, 2009 in life

my hair changes colour every other day. it’s not intentional, its just what happens whenever i wash it. 

i’m surrounded by coursework. and i do work well under pressure- at least one of my assignments is close to finished, after a trip to the library and cutting and pasting (literal glueing of things as well as on word) but a second one is a big tangled jumble of words, ideas and soon pictures, while the third is a title and a blank page. 

as much as that is highly unhelpful when it should really, by rights, have 3,000 well-ordered and coherent words lined up on the page before me, its a helpful illustration for this new year.. a blank slate on which i can let God draw the plan for the year (s). obviously, its not entirely unused as everything about it comes from what came before, but still… this is why i’ve made a decision or two about this new year. i’m a little scared about one of them- more of that tomorrow, but the rest, well, its just a re-echoing of previous sentiments- i want to enjoy this year. i want to be intentional, with what i say, do, how i use my time and money and i want to start that discipline now. but its not easy. so, now that the file i’ve been waiting for has nearly finished downloading, i’m going to do those few tasks that have to be done and then get back to work. 

hello work. i feel like we might need to become better friends.


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