gone gone

Posted: January 23, 2009 in life
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….make money off’ve pottery….


i like grey revell’s song ‘gone gone’ a lot. 

on the topic of gone gone, my leaves have disappeared. 

no idea where or when they went. 

not sure how i feel about that either. 

they survived for a month.. maybe a little longer, before someone took them all down. there are a few little bits of wool hanging on to a couple twigs, but pretty much all gone. 

but i guess i relinquished control over them a while ago. 

i just kinda feel like i’ve lost something. 

hmmmm.. interesting. 

well, your chance to see them in the flesh (wool) has just evaporated. 

instead, here’s one last photo: 

last photo

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  2. Nodders says:

    Haha, ok, just scrolled down and realised that picture I refer to was only posted 10 days ago…. I’ve had a very long 10 days it seems…

  3. suz says:

    well, ten days, but also they were first posted/first started to appear in late november/early december… so maybe it was one of those pictures that caught your eye… :) but ten days can be hugely long sometimes. ten minutes can seem like a lifetime… y’know?

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