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Posted: January 26, 2009 in life
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an old school friend of mine recently re-started a blog. i say re-started, for a while there were three with the distinctive mucky fingerprints of a certain Nodrog, esq. all over them. However, this new one seems set to stick for a while. (he’s been blogging almost as long as me, on and off.) (I’ve got a little bit of a compulsion to properly capitalise today. I really don’t know why and have alraeady un-capitalised at least three words. strange.)

so, on this new blog, he was ‘interviewed’ by a reader/friend. and offered us, his readers/friends the chance to also be interviewed. which out of curiousity, i accepted. now, i have five questions of my own to answer, and, gordon, be assured, they are good questions. man, you always make me think. 

so, without further ado, though possibly with a break in the middle, here are the rules, and some if not all (depending on the length of the answers) of the questions. feel free to join the game/ask more questions. 

the rules: 

•Leave me a comment requesting an interview.

•I will e-mail you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

•You then answer the questions on your blog.

•You should also post these rules along with an offer to interview anyone else who e-mails you wanting to be interviewed. 

•Anyone who asks to be interviewed should be sent 5 questions to answer on their blog.
•It would be nice if the questions were individualized for each blogger.

and now.. the questions:

1. What is the most recent thing you’ve put off longer than is really necessary or appropriate, and why?

aside from the usual coursework left til the last minute, i guess the biggest thing that would spring to mind might be getting baptised. it was in the back of my mind for probably about a year, possibly longer, definitely since i saw some of my friends getting ‘dunked’. i let two opportunities go past without doing anything, partially because i wanted to get my own thinking and theology on the whole issue straight but also partially because i was scared. and i hadn’t really at that point trusted God or myself enough to do what He was prompting me to do. so once i went to Pakistan and understood that when He calls its a good idea to listen and to follow, i was more ready to take that step. part of what i was scared of and put off by was giving my testimony. its not something i do often and though it is mostly fairly ‘run-of-the-mill’ (in as much as anyone’s life can be run-of-the-mill) there are parts of it that i find hard to share- to know when is appropriate to tell it and when it should be left unsaid. anyone who knows me well will know my story- particularly those two years over fifth and sixth year at school, and so i don’t often feel compelled to share that with rooms of strangers. anyway, after much thought and prompting i did it, and the parts of the story that i told were the parts that were meant to be told. and it was great, i need to learn from that and stop putting things off so much. 

i’m not entirely sure how much that answered your question, but hopefully it’s close enough… 


2. It’s 2019, you’re 31 years old, where would you hope to be by then?  How determined are you to make this reality?

wow. 31, huh? i would like to have started a community arts cafe. i would like to be living somewhere that i am not renting. i would like to be back in glasgow. i would like to have kids around. 

how determined am i? well, i’m hoping that this september will bring with it the internship i applied for, meaning i can develop my skills further and will be a-ok to set up my own business at some point with the help of other people who understand business better than i do (luckily, i know a few people like that). hopefully, if i manage to set up something like that we’ll start earning some revenue so that we can pay everyone involved a decent wage- and i can put a deposit on a flat… hopefully this business will be in glasgow. and hopefully it will involve lots of kids. and maybe my friends will be having kids too.. maybe i’ll even have kids of my own… who knows. but even if i can’t have a community arts cafe,i can at least still be doing a job that i love. which is my main goal for ten years time. to be doing a job a love with people that i love. 


3. Aside from the odd chance meeting, I’ve not seen you for over 2 years.  How different, if at all, do you think you are since we last properly hung out?  

hmmm. it has been two years. i remember when you and lou and jen all came through in first year… you and lou got lost getting back to jobby hill, and then jen and dave and i couldn’t get into halls. that was fun. 

how much have i changed since two years ago? quite a lot i think, i’m a lot happier about who i am. i have learnt a lot about how i interact with people. i have set and achieved goals. i have a group of friends with whom i am comfortable and who i am learning to be more honest with. i know i don’t have all the answers, but i am enjoying beginning to live into the questions. 

i’m beginning to be comfortable in my own skin. i’ve been on a journey of understanding who i am, in myself and in Christ. and i’ve had the support of wonderful friends and a great housegroup and church in doing so. i’ve been challenged and i’ve grown. 

superficially.. well, my hair is currently pink. its longer than it has been in ages. i’ve added to the piercings in my ears and i have a nose ring. i usually wear contacts, but sometimes glasses from pakistan. if i wear jewellery, i have a small selection: a button necklace, a glass heart necklace or a gold locket. i wear a watch made with buttons from kenya. 

i’ve started going to the gym regularly to try and get fit again. i suck at computer games. i like going for adventures. conversations range from food, weather, uni work, the american elections, american politics in general (but only when i’m talking to james and mostly he talks and i nod, confusedly), foreign countries, mission, God, church, the bible, sexuality, sex, nature, relationships, school, work, people, boys, girls, ‘that time of the month’ (c’mon, i live with three girls, of course we talk about periods, and other things you probably don’t want to know about), illness, food intolerances, bowel movements… happily i’d talk to you about any or all of these things. 

i guess i’m not sure how you’d think i’d changed. we should go for coffee and then you can tell me… :)

  1. Nodders says:

    These are bloody good answers, and thank you for taking the time to write them.

    No.1 – This is a question I personally ask myself far too often, yet I still don’t learn. Nevertheless, the subjects of this question tend to be largely trivial or easily remedied, so I’m glad that there was such a full and meaningful answer.

    No.2 – It’s a scary prospect this, isn’t it? When my parents were 31, I was already 4 years old. At this stage in our life, it’s interesting to see how heavy career prospects motivate our vision of the future; it’s the only tangible thing we’ve got, and even then, it’s all up in the air.

    No.3 – I’m up for that coffee. What I find odd is that my memory of you holds in no way at all an image of someone uncomfortable in their own skin; on the contrary, you always seemed a very confident and happy person – so a visibly more confident and happy person may very well blow my mind.

  2. suz says:

    thats made me smile.

    if you’re in glasgow, look me up, i surely will if i’m in stirling/fife… :)

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