dave’s questions

Posted: February 10, 2009 in everything else

you all know the rules by now. i hope you’re all enjoying learning more about the strange person i am. 

dave set me the following five questions: 

1. Do you have any regrets in your life up to where you are right now? what are they?

regrets? hmmm.. not regrets as such, cos i think that every experience that you have shapes you into the person that you are now. any regrets i have would be about things not done- like learning an instrument, or spending more time with people. so… no regrets really. but an interesting question… 

2. Is there something that you are really looking forward to at the moment? Maybe not something thats set in stone but an idea in your head that you plan to follow through with your excited about?

mmhmmmm… i’m waay over-excited about the possibility of spending ten months next year in the states, working with a charity called urban promise, and spending a lot of time with young people. wahooo! but i still need to get accepted for that. 

3. We’ve been friends now for about 5 years maybe, and we’ve kept in touch for a lot of this time. Do you think we will keep this friendship going for a long time in the future, even if we end up in different places?

wow, five years. i guess it has been that long… and its been fun. i hope we will  keep in touch. although, it would seem that we tend to just pick up at wherever we left off before, so i wouldn’t really be too worried about our friendship. (especially since i am notoriously horrendous at keeping in touch… so i apologise in advance. i don’t mean to not communicate… ) i’m hoping we’ll stay friends for a long time. mostly so you can get hideously drunk at my (future, unplanned as yet) wedding and tell ridiculous stories about me and my flatmates. 

4. whens the last time you done something you would normally never do and what was it? – was it a good or a bad thing?

well, i would never normally take a drunk stranger home in a taxi, but thats what happened on saturday night- i was out with my friend prashanth, and we met a very drunk girl called shona in the queue, she spewed and fell over and prashanth, gentleman that he is (apparently) decided we needed to make sure she got home. so we got a taxi to townhead then lancefield quay and then i finally got home. shona was sick in the taxi. it ended up as a £35 taxi fare. (luckily prashanth had money to give me before he got out…) shona could only contribute 50p and a plectrum to the fare… but in all i was glad to have done it, looked after someone in need. partly bad (sick, expensive taxi) but mostly good. 

5. What item, or persons do you treasure the most in the world? is here anything you would give them up for?

hmm. interesting question. persons: a few, my family (biological and found) being the most important. item: most items can be replaced. so i don’t think there is anything i wouldn’t give up eventually, but it’d have to be pretty damn good- like an end to world hunger (possible), or something on that scale. 

i’m pretty sure that was a crap answer.. sorry!

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