Posted: February 19, 2009 in everything else, love
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is an art that i have developed over three and a half years at uni. 

i suck at doing what needs done. 

i suck at prioritising uni work. 

and when i know i am not being productive, i tend to get moody. easily irritable. 

i’m listening to bon iver and just enjoying the flow of the music. the way it draws you in, and sometimes i need that. i need to remember to relax, to just take it easy and enjoy the time i have left at uni and in this state of there not being too much expected of me, and yet there being an expectation to do my best at what i’m pursuing. and while i’m sure i’ll get through it, get round to the work, that i do work better under pressure, there’s a certain point that i get to where i realise, this is not what God created me for, he didn’t create me so i could go about his work half-heartedly, but fully devoted. 

so the season of lent is coming up. and i’ve not decided which combination of things i am giving up/taking up as disciplines this year, but whatever they are, its all going to be God centred. at least, thats the aim. 

love God and love people.


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