Posted: April 13, 2009 in life, love
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I’ve been reading through John recently, and on the last three days of the last (working) week, i read each of the other three accounts of the path from the last supper to the resurrection. 


through all the pain and suffering and shame that Jesus endured. 

and then yesterday, on Easter Sunday, i was honoured and privileged to go to church with one of my best friends. one of the girls with whom i have been ‘doing life’ these past four years. and it really was an honour. especially since this is nearly the end of the road as far as uni goes, as far as us living together goes, probably.. at least for the meantime. 

so it was beautiful to be able to sit next to her as she listened to jamie talking about the cross and why having Jesus in your life was a good thing and to be able to have conversations with her about why we pray, and what words of knowledge are and that God really does want to speak to people. 

whatever happens, i’m glad we could share that moment, that she got to be part of something that is so important to me, and that she actually enjoyed the experience… 

it was a humbling experience being able to meditate, at least somewhat, on the journey Jesus took, the weakness of His disciples, the fact that He knew Judas was plotting to betray Him, yet allowed him to partake of the bread and wine. i know that so often i have betrayal in my heart before i go up for communion, and i thank God that i am allowed to confess it and still be considered a daughter of the King. it just blows my mind. 


so. a few things have been going on since the start of lent… i’m off to the US of A in september for ten months (after that.. well, God knows), i habd in dissertation a week today (so why am i on here? procrastinator!) i’ve discovered just how amazing youtube is… there are some genius videos on there. been enjoying some new music. made some more things. enjoyed the friendship of a lot of people.. lots of life stuff. 

i’m sure you’ll hear more as i return (slowly, i hope) to this space… in the mean time, enjoy this video..


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