the rescue

Posted: April 26, 2009 in life
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a few people blogged about this event called ‘the rescue’. it was a protest by invisible children aimed at raising the profile of the invisible war in africa. 


i’ve never been part of a protest before… and it was a really interesting experience. admittedly i was skeptical about how much good a load of teenagers and students sleeping in a park overnight would make, but then my friend reminded me that we really never know the consequences and effects of any of our actions… so i hope it’s done some good. 

i’m proudly wearing my t-shirt and facepaint still… for now. 

i think next time i’ll remember my sleeping bag…

  1. caiter says:

    glad to see some more posts about the rescue.

  2. emmsy says:

    thanks for coming :-) next time i’ll share my sleeping bag…

  3. Qazith says:

    You were more dedicated to the cause thats why you didn’t bring the sleeping bag

  4. suz says:

    @qazith, ha ha.. yeah, dedication, thats why i forgot my bag… (and technically, shouldn’t qazith have a ‘u’ in there??)

    @emmsy, cheers! i appreciate the sentiment.. next time i won’t forget it! such a ditz… it was a lot of fun i’m glad i could be there…

    @caiter, well… i do my best to provide what the public wants (ha ha… :p)

    woooo- just chicago left to get rescued… dedication!

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