Posted: June 3, 2009 in life
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i feel like i’ve been on holiday recently. 

i mean, i have, i went to portugal with my flatmates for a week, but apart from that, i haven’t really had anything to do. i had my first shift back at work yesterday morning, and i realised something. 

i don’t like to do nothing. when i’m away and on holiday, officially in another place type holiday, i can easily while away days reading and sleeeping and playig cards, but when i’m at home, i fell like i need to do things. it also doesn’t help that i have no new books to read.. booo. so that meant that this weekend, when i was supposed to be cooking for a camp that eventually got cancelled, i found myself at a loose end. so, i tidied my room, i made things, i went to edinburgh to see my mum, i generally tried to fill my time. but i’m thinking now that i need to learn to rest, to relax, to take time with God and not just fill up my day with nonsense… 


anyway. that’s what i’ve been thinking. :)


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