swirling in my head

Posted: August 18, 2009 in life

are lots of thoughts.

i was thinking about relationships recently, especially about christian vs non-christian relationships, and then also about how it’s really really important for me (as well as for every other christian out there) to know that i am primarily satisfied by my relationship with God.

i’ve also had a really big chat about that (amongst other things) with a really good friend, which was … challenging. but it was really good.

i’m still scared about next year. but its a really good, exciting kind of scared, rather than the paralysing,  bite-your-nails-off scared.

i don’t really want to leave glasgow, or the people, but more than that, i don’t want to leave without saying goodbye. so hopefully i can see lots of people before i leave. and if i don’t see you… i’m sorry. there’s always skype. :)

we’ve finally finished all the filming for MYT. thats a crazy thought. and i think i get to go to about 3 more sessions of MYT on a monday before i leave.. i hope.

i still need to go get my visa. if you’re the praying type, PRAY!

i think i possibly need to sleep more than i am at the moment, but then i also have more things to do than i am currently doing.

i’ve devoted a fair chunk of my recent life to rereading the complete harry potter series. it was definitely worth it. even the really big ones. and the ones i’ve already read 100 times.

i’m really trying to get my head around the fact that one of the four of us (my flatmates) has left us… not the country yet, but glasgow, yes. Britain, soon. boo.

i have quite a lot of films that need processed.

i have a stupid amount of un/re-packing to do.

currently watching ‘you have been watching’, so i’ll get back to that.

hope you enjoyed the small look into my slightly demented head..


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