having been on the phone

Posted: September 3, 2009 in everything else
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with two americans in the last hour, i can safely say, POLITENESS HELPS!

the first woman was just like, ‘you are not listening to me, ma’am, we do not deal with that, i have just told you three times that we do not deal with that– beep, abrupt hangup as i was saying, ‘sorry, okay, so can i then phone — to ask them for infor- oh, they hung up…’

the second lady, at another US government department, was sooo much nicer, though she did end each part of the conversation with, ‘do you need me to repeat anything for you, or can i answer any more questions?’ uh, thanks, you’re ok.

but she genuinely wanted to help me and was willing to listen to my questions… it gives me hope.

hopefully i’ll have have some real american anecdotes from meeting real american people and being on real american soil this time next week… and maybe even pictures… sponsored by debbie… :)


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