Posted: September 22, 2009 in life, people
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so, since i’ve been in camden this last week and some, i’ve learnt a lot about what ‘community’ and especially ‘christian community’ means…

i read blue like jazz by don miller for the first time this week, and i’m currently reading a.j. jacobs book, a year of living biblically. both these books talk about how important it is for christians to have community.

europeans, myself included, like space. we like to know that we have (i’m obviously generalising, but whatever) a space in our homes where we can get some alone time, wher we won’t be disturbed, where we are the master of our lives. we generally tend to live in isolation too, to have flatmates, possibly, but to have completely seperate lives. and that’s not a bad thing, but i’m learning that the opposite can be just as valuable, and necessary. that when we share space, time and common purpose, and especially if we are intentional about it, making ourselves available, then we build so much deeper relationships.

so far, so good. we’ll see how the rest of the year goes. :)

  1. inthegraspofwonder says:

    Community…. not as easy as it sounds but lots fun working out how to do it

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