Posted: September 25, 2009 in life, people
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my new friend/housemate Jordan has this thing for wonder.

he just marvels at the world, like a typical conversation will go

‘dude, like, think about the trees.’

‘uh huh’

‘i mean, like, it just so happens that we are these creaturesthat need oxygen to survive, and we breathe out this poisionous carbon monoxide stuff, and then it just so happens that there are these crazy things called trees that suck in carbon monoxide. and then freakin give out oxygen. huh. must be random chance. there’s no way that’s design. ha. man, i freakin’ LOVE trees….

and water!….’

and so the conversations continue… (you have to imagine a saint louis/missouri accent to get the full benefit… )

i love it, he just inspires me to think about the world in this new way.. i’m getting a new appreciation for Gods creation…

and so, week one of camp is over… :)

  1. lhegend says:

    And everything in life has a purpose.

  2. Suzi's Mum says:

    Tell Jordan that Dad says the oceans drain away carbon dioxide too – but only when the temperature is right – another reason why we need to be concerned about climate change and temperatures rising….it’s all amazing :)

  3. inthegraspofwonder says:

    love that post

    love creation

    love God

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