sewing and jazz

Posted: October 10, 2009 in everything else
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so today has been a nice day. apart from the space key on this keyboard which needsa ‘super-hard’ hit to get it to work… so i apologise for any lack of spacing….

hada little bit of asewing party with some of theother girls around urban…

but i get boredeasily.

thursday, one of my girls(5th grade, but i like her a lot…) told usthat she was getting baptised that evening!! exciting times! so hopefully we’ll find out howit all went on tuesday atclass…

worked with some kidsat camden forward for the banquet trhat is coming up soon…

i feel likethere should besome big stories from thelast fewweeks, but it has mostly been life… i will havebetterstoriessoon.. \

those who are on the update list- a proper one is headed your way soon!!

i have nothing else just now… :)


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