slurpee heaven

Posted: October 14, 2009 in life
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i honestly never knew that slurpee’s were the way to a kids heart… or could be the cause of an intense rivalry…

yesterday was the day of slurpee-bribery-redemption. so they all (9 kids. x-large slurpees cost $1.89 each… yeesh.) got their ‘large’ (they tricked me!) slurpees, and we came back to class, played some games, hung out for a bit… then, Garianna gives her slurpee and asks me to hold it. so i do.

she comes back, takes the slurpee, then hands it off to me again, so i say, ‘oh, can i drink it?’ and make as if to drink some.

she says, ‘i wish you would’

so i do.


today, she went off on one about how i owe her a slurpee… uhm, no. you invited me to drink it. but she’s just in it for more juice… it’s never gonna happen.


i keep finding myself saying things that are not real english… between picking up the slang, being mocked for the scottish accent… it’s quite a ride out here in camden new jersey.



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