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Posted: October 26, 2009 in life, people
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and yet i still haven’t charged my camera batteries.


wednesday and thursday we had the banquet days, we were rehearsing and setting up and doing an evening for the parents wednesday, which was AMAZING! and then on thursday there was the actual banquet…

so my week was pretty packed, between rehearsing kids for their speaking parts, dressing the set, running around trying to remember how to ‘stage manage’, just generally enjoying being back in the theatre again…

the show they created was full of songs and stories from the kids about what all they had learnt and how they’d grown through being part of urban.. they sang songs of God, of love, of strength and of their freedom… they spoke about their hopes and dreams… it was brilliant.

some of my favourite bits were seeing the kis who just weren’t sure at all during rehearsals really come into their own… it was awesome! this one kid, and his Mum, were up on stage talking about how he’d built a boat with urban, and they’d both been on it. They killed out there- the audience loved it- especially the first night when he forgot his line and his mum prompted him… just a really true evening. (most of the photos on the front page, here, are banquet photos)

so there was that, and now, i gotta go to camp… i will finish the rest of the fun of camden later… :)

  1. Michael says:

    I’m coming over to your house to charge your batteries for you.

  2. suz says:

    thanks Mike… You can test my baking efforts from last night too if you like.. :)

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