Posted: October 27, 2009 in life
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is a day for beards, and back rubs, and using a manual camera with black and white film that contains pictures of orphans from romania. yes. today is that day.

also, for having the word ‘poop’ written across your forehead.

i will aim to finish this film and develop it and post the pictures as soon as.

and i get to start making a new beard soon (yeah josh!)


oh, but the rest of life this past week? well, friday we went to the beach. and it was cold. and i read Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott and had to think quietly a lot. it’s an awesome book. i’ll send it to whoever wants to read it…

saturday, we went to NY for the day, hung out and wandered around in the rain… spent too much money at a comedy show in the evening that a few of us stayed back for, and then slept in a bit on sunday, spoke to some VERY important people back home (yay!!) even got to see a few of their faces (sorry if you weren’t one of thosse people. you’re still important) and generally slob around in my pj’s. then, instead of going to church i went to the downtown house and we made three bean chili and banana bread. and it was good. and so was the conversation. in fact, the conversation was so good, it was like church. though i’m beginning to believe more and more that just living with christians and doing life with christians is how ‘church’ should look. cos i know that church is not the building. it’s the people.

so, then the week started up again. and it’s been good so far. better because ellen and i discovereed that we’d each love to have a beard, for real, if it were possible and (for me anyway) i could grow one that was crazy.

yeah. that’s my life. :)


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