so, it turns out

Posted: November 2, 2009 in life
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that i am my mothers daughter.

we were in Walmart trying to find decorations and prizes for the harvest carnival for around $100 or less when the statement is made that, ‘we need cupcakes for all the kids coming to the carnival tomorrow.’

ok, i think. ‘well, either we can buy boxed mix or just the ingredients, which would be cheaper.’

ten minutes, two boxes of eggs, two tubs of margarine, a bag each of flour and sugar later, it looks like i’m making cupcakes for 170.

with no baking cases.

friday morning, and jordan and i go on an expedition to the end of the street to get baking cases from family dollar. (at this point jordan thinks i’m looking for cases of bacon.) family dollar = fail. save a lot = success!

once i have the baking cases and extra margarine, i start making cakes… thank the lord for the electric hand mixer (which i pretty much break) in the kitchen…

four batches of cake batter (so that’s 32 eggs) later, we’re done with cupcakes to spare…

and margarine. so orange buttercream icing it is…


anyway. the point of this story is, apparently i relish baking large amounts of cakes for children and teenagers and all the other interns, and then helping people decorate them whilst wearing a tartan-ish moo-moo/housecoat thing and a tea cosy hat and slippers (baffies) and offering people ‘a wee cup of tea?’ in a weird old lady scottish accent.

so the other exciting thing that happened this weekend was that we went to Hershey Park and Messiah College with a bunch of our 3-5th graders. and i charged my camera batteries. and i took the camera… but then i left it in my bag in the van… ooops… sorry guys, i failed. maybe someone else will have great photos they can share…

so Hershey on saturday was awesome, i had Shydel and Craig (pronounced the american/canadian way like creh-gh, not cray-gh) and they were both up for all the big scary rides… however we planned badly with the first part of our time there, and missed out on lots of big ride opportunities, BUT, aftr dinner we got a map and hit up 3 of the biggest scariest rollercoasters and lots of other slightly less scary still cool rides. it was a lot of fun…

back to the hotel, and then into the pool- i had three girls in my room in the end- and we had a freakin’ good time- especially with the jacuzzi…

snacks, ghost stories, tv and bed, and we were all out like a light…

the clocks changed that night, and so i woke up at 8am thinking, oh crap! we have to be at breakfast already, these clocks probably changed automatically… shoot! and then realised, by looking at my watch that actually, it was only 7am. so we had an hour to get ready, which was just as well, cos all three girks wanted showers and Winnie and i still had to get dressed and packed too..

Messiah- the kids got to go explore with the students, and we got the day off…. lunch in the cafeteria, almost losing a child, then more free time… where i got attacked by sharpie… yuh.

back on the bus… and time to go home… all was controlled mayhem for about 20 minutes and then, there was an hour or so of brilliant peace, card games and magic tricks were played, several games of squares were enjoyed (that game is a life saver!) and then… we got near home. and it became crazy again. it was just really sad to see a kid that had been enjoying himself so much for so long need to react out, and become unable to listen to directions or enjoy the last half hour of the trip.. it made me sad.

over all, an awesome trip and i’m really sorry i don’t have photos for you…

  1. Suzi's Dad says:

    I can’t ever remember your mother ever wearing a tartan-ish moo-moo/housecoat thing and a tea cosy hat and slippers (baffies) and offering people ‘a wee cup of tea?’ in a weird old lady scottish accent :)

    And I should know having lived with her for more than a lifetime (yours that is, not meant to be a derogatory comment!)

  2. suz says:

    you KNOW i meant in the baking challenge, not the clothing or accent.

    i am my mothers daughter in that i wioll rise to any baking challenge. there, that’s clarified for anyone else who reads this… jeez, dad, you’ll get me in trouble soon!

    and way to be the first commenter, freakishly quickly too…. jeez.. are you stalking me??? ;)

    • Suzi's Mum says:

      Oh Suz – that made me laugh out loud – not a good thing as your Dad is already asleep as he has an early morning flight and I have been out – yes, cooking- for the homeless guys at Gorgie night shelter
      But in every way, it’s good to get a laugh and great to hear that you are having adventures and making memories to treasure – although if you are your mother’s daughter in that respect, your grey cells will go and you’ll struggle to remember…..

      love you xxx

  3. Louise says:

    if you are your mother’s daughter, you will indeed be truly gifted in the “cooking- from- scratch- for- hundreds” department! I shared her flat when I started work in Glasgow and was on the receiving end of many a good meal. She was the first to introduce me to fromage frais ( the proper stuff from a deli before it came in cartons in the supermarkets) ….and I NEVER saw her in anything tartan! ( But I did go to London to pick up her wedding dress!)

  4. Michael says:

    I hear that Messiah boasts the largest quantity of decorated leaves in the nation.

    And also the least faithful girlfriends in Pennsylvania…

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