Posted: November 13, 2009 in everything else
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i finally got my other film back from Wal-Mart, but they forgot to do a cd, so until i can get to a scanner, there are no photos…. sorry guys.

however, i have had a couple really good days.. yesterday we had cell groups in class, and my kids were hyper as usual, but i showed them a short film that we talked about a little… then Garianna was hanging out with me and Winnie after program, before she went to another program. I was asking her about her life and she was drawing us pictures. she told us about her family, how they’d been away from Camden for the last 6 or 7 years, and just what she’s going through atthe moment. then I asked her what this other program was she had, and she said, ‘we just talk about God, me and Nasir and some other kids, but we don’ know them, we just talk about God and pray and stuff, that’s why i’ve got my Bible today…’ It’s just so good to know that she’s actually excited about this stuff… she’s even trying to get the other girls in the class to go too, but they’re not really interested…

Today, a bunch of my kids were around for a special camp night. we ate some pizza, played mafia, played empires, and got photographed for the Courier Post, our local newspaper, so hopefully, w’ll be in the paper tomorrow or sunday.. if there’s a link, i’ll post it after it goes online.. :) they were ridiculously well behaved for the photographer… it was kinda funny…

All in all, a good week, highs, lows…

This week is the start of the thanksgiving dinners- Chad’s Mum is in town from tuesday, and we head out to take Jordan to St Louis next saturday… man, is life ever moving fast!!!

tonight may be the night for chipotle… :)

‘peace out, yo.’

  1. suz says:

    mike: i think i heard that expression (from my kids, albert…) too many times that week… :)
    emmsy: chipotle was postponed… but we’ll get there… :)

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