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Posted: December 9, 2009 in life
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mum and i watched all 6 hours of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice last night. i think that, alongside the huge amounts of vitamin C, echinacea and occasional paracetamol is what is finally helping me kick this cold…

typically, i came home, had less to do than in Camden, slept a bit more and got sick. I feel like this is becoming a habit- whenever i stop, i get sick. so either, i never stop (probably a bad plan) or i learn to be more balanced (difficult…) or i continue on as i am (probably not wise, but easiest..)

in other news, i got home safely, and my dad, being the generous father that he is, insisted that i come on holiday with them (back to america). so, he’s booked me flights for a short trip- which i am very grateful for, but the thought of which occasionally fills me with fear- what if the people at customs and immigration decide that i should not be allowed back in for a holiday just two weeks after i’ve left…. uh… crap. so i’m praying, and i hope you’ll be praying, for considerate, understanding border guards who can see that a) i’m not a terrorist threat, and b) i’m genuinely coming for a holiday this time. it sucks that i’ll be travelling on different flights than the rest of my family, but as long as i have you all backing me in prayer, i’m sure we’ll be fine…. (aargh)

so, i have a week left in this rainy country- a week to beat this cold and see some of my friends… i’m headed to glasgow on friday for a couple of days, one of the highlights of which will be a moustache party! (yaaas! though, i’m pretty sure my moustache will not be a patch on mikes… if only i could borrow it..)

looking forward to seeing lots of my scottish buddies, so, if you’re a GWV member, you better be there on sunday!

  1. Suzi's Mum says:

    I like the snow falling on your blog :)

  2. suz says:

    mike: i look forward to it…
    mum: thanks! :)

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