Posted: December 13, 2009 in life
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so, i’ve been in glasgow for a couple of days… and i still love this city. it’s incredible how normal it feels to be here, hanging out with my flatmates, seeing my old friends, having brilliant moustache parties (ok, actually, just one…) (darn bluetooth doesn’t want to let me send a photo… it was a great night… i had a great twirly moustache)

and yet… i am so excited to be back in camden on wednesday… i really really hope and pray that i’ll get through immigration.

ELF just came on channel 4. it is truly christmas time.

i’ve been hearing a lot about the expectation we have that christ is coming, especially now, in this third week of advent, and part of my expectation is that i will be doing what God has planned for me this next year. and yet this is a time when we’re waiting… (waiting really impatiently for news about visas…) for Jesus, for that tiny baby to come and be born and be the saviour of the world…

i was really really excited to be in church this morning, and to be reminded that this is a place where we are all accepted and we are all waiting for the culmination of this season…

i’m not really sure what my thoughts are at the moment, but there’s excitement for sure… and anticipation. a little fear. but trust that God will work this all out…


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