the american dream

Posted: December 22, 2009 in life
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doesn’t really involve 20 hours on a greyhound, right?

currently sitting in the open plan living area of our home for the next couple days, our ‘penthouse apartment’ in New Orleans. it has taken some geting to, both for me and the rest of the family…

mum, dad, megs and jenni took a bit of a detour to get out of the uk- stranded n paris for a day, then flown to atlanta rather than philly, meaning, i took a greyhound out to meet them. so, that was interesting, i saw a lot of the highways of america, enough of a few cities, and enough of the inside of coaches to do me for… oh, at least a month.

there was a point where we really weren’t sure if or when the rest of my family was gonna get here, and actally i was ok with the idea of christmas in camden… but now we’re in new orleans, and it should be awesome…

so, i met a girl called michelle on the bus, she was really interesting, she had two kids from her now dissolved marriage who were spnding christmas with her sister, he’d been planning to fly to phoenix, but her flight got re-roted and she wasn’t having that, so after 5hours of argument she got n the greyhound, from dc t phoenix. two days. yeeesh. this girl, she liked to talk. i mean, seriously. she told me about her kids, the youngest of whom is mildly autistic, he fact that she’s converted to veganism this past year, that her ex is currently trying to fight deportation (he’s never bothered to get naturalised) and wants her to write a letter saying he’s paying child support (which he’s not) to help his case. she told me about her family, her sister, her dad, her mum… it was interesting and fairly difficult to get a word in edgeways. i think there was a point around midnight when we were anoying one other passenger (if the loud ‘shuuuuush’ was anything to go by…) but, that didn’t really deter us…

i get the feeling that we see te underside of america on long haul coach trips, in much the same way that the underbelly of the actual american dream is seen in camden, in th fact that we go to these places as a last resort, camden a repository for all of our trash, and greyhound… er, well, its a slightly less expensive, longer haul way to travel… yeah, it doesn’t really work… i think i’m tired…

anyhoo… new orleans! mmmhmmm.

  1. Michael says:

    Sounds to me like you encountered the reality that there isn’t “The American Dream” and there exists rather, “American Dreams”.

    Miles of highway stretch across a great openness, occasionally dotted by metropolitan centers, homesteaded farms, rusted-out railroads…

    You stumbled upon my American Dream, in your travels and in Michelle.

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