bless your gilded tombstone heart

Posted: January 13, 2010 in everything else

what’s yours is mine and mine is yours.

so, i’m back in edinburgh, enjoying the perks of having wifi in the house, and my computer (working again, hurrah!) back… which of course means that spotify is back in my life. phew.

today, i’ve enjoyed fun. the low anthem and the antlers. a good day, i feel.

of course, having a computer and continual internet access also means that i can waste lots of my time on said computer surfing said internet. hmmm.

however, today i also managed to get up at a reasonable time, go into town with mum, get a new book, some craft supplies and make a start on birthday gifts for my dad and sister. pictures of which i may well post after the fact… wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises…

so, i’m still stuck in limbo, waiting for this visa situation to clear itself up, and just wondering what on earth i am going to do with my life come whenever. also, who i really want around me, and what that means- geographically etc. i’m feeling the tearing of my heart as to people, people in Glasgow that i miss and then my friends in Camden that i miss too. the bonds that have been formed in each of those places and the wrench it is to not be… wherever. yet, i’m fully enjoying the experiences of being in each place. it’s not a stretch to say that i get homesick for Camden whilst in Scotland and vice versa. (though, only for the people, really.)

anyway… i’m mostly rambling. in fact, i’m entirely rambling.

  1. charlotteaurora says:

    Hey Suz! It is so hard to be away from home… but it is really hard to have you away from home here! Matt Williams and Chad come and hang out with us a lot. We went hot tub searching the other night and found a place that’s hot tub was completely cemented in… weird! anyway I LOVE YOU

  2. Michael says:

    Hope the book goes as well as my band suggestion has.

  3. suz says:

    aaaw charl. i miss you too. hope you got my text y’day.
    michael- book is going well. so far you’ve not had a bad recommendation. :)

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