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Posted: January 21, 2010 in everything else

so, i realise that it is the middle of January, but, i feel like it’s possibly a good time to review the year. especially as i’m in a waiting, learning moment, and it helps me to be able to look back. (only to january, maybe some day i’ll look back through this whole chronicle of my life. i started this in august 2003. 2003! nearly seven years ago!)

so. in chronological order.


i resolved to enjoy life for what it was.and then i met a homeless lady, called sarah. (i’m pretty sure she was called sarah, and i was thinking about her last week. i have no idea how she’s doing) i decided to get baptised. i decided to leave the art installation i’d made for my final art project up, permanently. i got baptised. i realised that ‘for emma, forever ago’ was a brilliant album. i recognised how much i love hugs and people. my leaves (art project installation) got … stolen? removed? they disappeared anyway. an old friend asked me some interesting questions.


some other friends asked some interesting questions, and i asked them some. i made cookies. i recognised that i am, by nature, a procrastinator and that i needed to be more disciplined, and i thought about lent. i gave up the internet for lent.


was lent. so i wasn’t on the internet, and consequently, i have no idea what i was thinking then. i may have a diary from then, but that’s not the point of this exercise.


i had the privilege of taking one of my best friends to church. i finished and handed in my dissertation. i don’t think i slept much. i participated in ‘the rescue’. i saw Billy Boyd. i was accepted to come to urban in september for the year.


i was still working (hard?) on all my final assignments. listening to some really bad music. also listened to a lot of Juliet Turner (=good music). i spent a LOT of time on this computer, trapped in my room, with the beautiful orange floral curtains. i finished university. at least as far as coursework was concerned.


well, late may/early june (i think…) the flatties and i went to portugal for a week. i realised that at places i think of as ‘home’ i feel the need to be more busy, to have things to do. i appeared on a christian talk radio show. along with some others from our romania team. or at least recorded the show, it went out in july. debbie and i raised money. oh, yeah. i graduated, and turned 22.


our radio show went on air. woot woot. i went to romania for the second time and back to my parents camp as chief cook.


i began to get scared about what i was doing with the rest of my life, why i was leaving behind everyone/thing that i knew and, hurrah, scarted to get scared that i wouldn’t get a visa in time for NJ in september. discovered the antlers.


waiting for a visa. beginning to get frustrated at americans on telephones. and then i flew. and met some crazy, fun, lovely people. began to learn about sharing your personal space, began to get to know these new people a bit better, began to adjust to a new way of life. enjoyed learning about community. loved living with Jordan. got frustrated by Mr S and woodrow wilson politics.


finally took some photos. did a bible lesson. got into the swing of classes and the schedule. just really began to properly enjoy life and feel settled, like these are people that i enjoy being around and knowing, and i feel more completely myself than i had in a while. bought a ton of slurpees. started a penny drive at camp. the banquet happened. enjoyed finding new churches. enjoyed beard banter. took some real photos. halloween carnival. hershey park.


messiah college. developed a bunch of photos. we had the summit. one of my favourite kids hung out with us a bit and we talked. she’s really getting involved with the extra bible stuff, which is really exciting. started reading crime and punishment. chad, jordan and i road-tripped to missouri. spent time with jordans dad and step-mum, which i really enjoyed. spent thanksgiving day on the road. visited the important site of st louis. picked up a bike.


i had to get on a plane to edinburgh. left behind the relationships i was just starting and head back to my family and friends in scotland. i got sick. i went to a moustache party (yay!) i just really enjoyed seeing friends from glasgow and edinburgh. thorough enjoyment. and then, i got on another plane, back to philly. and it was good. took a greyhound to atlanta. drove to birmingham, then to new orleans. wandered in new orleans. visited a plantation. visited the swamps. ate christmas dinner on a balcony. enjoyed my family. had some really good conversation, in person and on the phone. took a lot of photos. drove to selma, and then montgomery. and then it was new years.

January. 2010.

so far, it’s been an interesting new year, i’ve seen all of my friends, on both sides of the atlantic, and i’m being taught to wait and experience the joy in every moment. (thanks john ortberg small group studies)

there’s been a lot gone on this past year, all different things and i’m excited to see where this new year will take me.

anyway, this has gone on long enough. :)

  1. Michael says:

    = you best post since I started reading

  2. suz says:

    really? interesting. well, i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. matt says:

    i too enjoyed the recap

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