for every love that’s lost, i hear a new one comes

Posted: January 26, 2010 in life
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can you tell i’m back on a song-lyrics-as-titles kick? (i’ve done this a few times over the years, but it never lasts as a permanent feature.)

today has been productive so far. i’ve not showered yet, but i am dressed, and covered in paint. bathroom wall and ceiling paint. hurrah, i have finally got around to painting the bathroom. not completely yet, because we don’t have masking tape, til mum comes home with it, but the first coat is pretty much done. yaaas!

clearly, i’m a pro, i had my music all ready, and the tools…

more proof, (as if you needed it) that i really am a pro…

and before you ask, not a kit-kat, but the tesco free-from version of one…

anyway, apart from the excitement of actually getting around to doing something that needed done, i’ve had a really good couple of days. i saw a friend on friday who reminded me of just how much fun we had at uni and yet how much neither of us really want to go back to that time. this part of our lives is so much more, taking those lessons and running with them .

saturday, we as a family headed up to Newport, our old village, where my brain was taxed trying to remember the difference between lattes and cappucinos, but it was really nice to see old friends and just fit again. we had dinner in st andrews, a place with a lot of memories for me, so that was a great way to round out the day.

on sunday mum had invited the students from Gorgie to lunch, so there were (including us) about 17 or 18 people in our not-huge flat eating the chicken curry and veg lasagne that mum and i had prepped and cooked in the preceding days. really enjoyed getting to know some of the gorgie lot better, and one conversation prompted todays second listening choice, Grizzly Bear.

then, hurrah! i got to talk to my friends in the US of A. a fact which made me very happy, and gave me some food for thought, which i’m sure you’ll hear about in a little bit.

monday, i met up with another friend who has known me through uni and who was my president when i was on committee for J-Hill. she’s currently doing relay and thinking about moving to turkey for a year to do homestart. it was awesome to wander along the canal with her and to hear about her year, what she’s been learning, struggling with, rejoicing about, and generally how she’s been doing. it was really good to be able to be asked those questions in return and do my best to open up in honesty to her. because she’s already had a year of my life being able to ask those questions and expect honesty. so that was fun.

finally, like what you like. not because you’re supposed to. who cares what everyone else thinks?

(my mum thought it’d be fun to take pictures of me first thing in the morning. bedhead. great. thanks mum. )

  1. Suzi's Mum (Reenie) says:

    Good post, Suz (and good photo if I do say so myself :) )
    You didn’t explain that the reason you needed to differentiate between coffee styles was cos you got your pinny on at manna cafe and used your barista skills once more – which was a very good thing to do
    Yep, I agree, a good few days – and we still have tickets for the zoo!!!

  2. Michael says:

    suzi’s head = Hayley Williams

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