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Posted: January 29, 2010 in life
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whilst i still get those moments of, ‘er, should i really be here at the moment?’ life is settling down somewhat. i’m going through to glasgow again tomorrow to ‘get excited about new york’ amongst other things with laura.

today, i made hummous. and it tastes good. and man is there ever a lot of it… YUM YUM. mum and i have been trying to use up whatever’s in the cupboards and freezer and so when i made a ‘moroccan-inspired’ mushroom thing (adapted from a random recipe i found on BBC good food) and only used a half can of chickpeas, i thought i’d better put the remainder to good use. along with another cup and a half of dried chickpeas rehydrated for this purpose…

anyway. i’ve been trying to use up whatever we have and it’s been a good discipline for me, along with reading a book called ‘the thrift book’. all good things, learning to live on less and live well on what you already have. (and yes, i realise that i am living and home and sponging off my parents- case in point, ‘i’ll need to borrow money for the bus to glasgow tomorrow’- and that it’s not like i’m on the breadline, but still, i hope you understand the intention.. i’m trying. and that’s what it’s about, right?)

just some random thoughts. live well.

  1. Michael says:

    We attempted to make hummus the other day. It turned into chickpea paste instead.


  2. Rachel says:

    Mmm. BBC GoodFood is my favo(u)rite :)
    I miss you. Come back to me x

  3. suz says:

    i like the BBC in general. they’re a good bunch, though some people dislike them…
    i miss you too. i want to be there.

    and, ha- i heard about the chickpea/hummous experiment… :)

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