time’s a teacher never chosen

Posted: February 7, 2010 in life
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i was all set to tell you about the way my days have filled up this past week, between babysitting, prep for a big birthday party, the actual party, the various ‘turns’ that people took to entertain us (well, mum and i less so, as we were in the kitchen for the first half of the party) including some of the boys doing a set as ‘Take This’. and now.

now, i just don’t think that’s really the point. but i’m not sure what the point is.

and now several (read: one) days later, all i have to add is this:

i was talking to my dad today in the car on the way home from newport and i was telling him that i was scared that there would be either no news or bad news tomorrow because i’m really hoping for good news and no more delays, and he was saying that this is a time for learning, and i was thinking again of the cobalt season, time will tell. which is where the title of this post is from. that time is the teacher that we never choose. i didn’t really want to have to learn right now (except for things to do with urban kids ministry) and so learning to be patient and trust… thats a lesson i needed to learn, but maybe didn’t want to. and so, hopefully my prayers are becoming more truthful, i’m trusting and leaning and learning… and i’m glad of that, but also, i’d like to move. i’d like to join in. to not be standing still waiting anymore. but that’s not up to me. its up to the people who deal with visas, and more importantly (and pertinently), it’s up to God. so.

anyway, that was all.

  1. emma says:

    Beautiful thoughts, as usual. I’m now listening to Ryan’s voice singing those words & thinking about all the things I want to embrace in my own season of waiting.

    (Also, I definitely knew that title straight away!)

  2. suz says:

    thanks emma. i’m glad you recognised the song.. i was sure you would.. :)

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