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Posted: February 12, 2010 in everything else
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so, what have i been doing with myself this week? i’m sure you’re all dying to know…

well, since hearing nothing so far from the people at the US customs and immigration service, i have had to find other things to keep me occupied. luckily, this week was the week of art for mercy, an annual edinburgh cu extravaganza. since edinburgh has, it seems, a disproportionate amount of artistically talented (christian, mostly, i assume, since it’s a christian run event, but i could be wrong) students in it’s academic institutions, they hold an annual auction of pieces by those talented people. mum went last year and took some cakes, so this year, we upped the ante a little and, alongside the carrot cakes, we took some boxes of homemade and decorated cupcakes.

of which, i, of course, took pictures. not great, because it was early evening and there was barely any light, but hey ho.

so there are the cakes.

we headed out yesterday afternoon to see a friend, and along the way my mind wandered along the following paths: first impressions, and how wrong/right/interesting they can be- especially other peoples first impressions of you. eh, actually, i can’t remember what else i was thinking about. BUT, i have read a few interesting books this past week or two, Madame Bovary being the first, and The Accidental being the second. one quote that i particularly enjoyed from the accidental runs thus;

Journey by Moonlight. Antal Szerb. Never heard of him. Translated from the Hungarian. 1930s. Michael liked things in translation. This looked like a book he could read. (Ali Smith, The Accidental)

and then, today, because Dad asked for it, i made curry. and because Mum asked for it, i (sort-of) wrote down the recipe.

therefore, in a departure from the normal tone of this blog, if you so wish, you can, after the break, find out how to make green lentil daal.

(i got bored of taking photos before i made the actual curry… so… just daal today…)

chop up some garlic, ginger and a red onion. (yes, some. i think i used 3 cloves and maybe an inch of garlic?)

add to the butter (or ghee) you’ve melted in a pan, and let it sweat on a low heat (covered)

chop up a chili and add it to the pan. stir. cover. let sweat.

chop up your vegetables- the hard crunchy ones go in before anything that will release moisture (ie aubergine [eggplant] or mushrooms). then either fresh tomatoes chopped up, or you can use a tin of chopped toms. (can of crushed if you’re american…ha)

gather together your spices: cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom pods, turmeric, cumin and coriander.

stir the spices into the onion mixture, then add the hard veg. (so, carrot and sweet potato today)

add in your mushrooms and tomatoes, (let them cook, covered for a little while, so they reduce) washed green (or red, or whatever you have) lentils, some tomato puree, and coconut milk (or coconut milk powder like we have. if you have that, make sure to add water.)

bring it to a gentle simmer, and let it cook, for as long as you have, preferably 30-40 minutes at least. keep topping up with water, cos lentils tend to be thirsty beasts.. serve with pilau rice and curry. or alone. or however. yum.

(i wanted to eat more than i wanted to take nice photos of this on plates… clearly, i’m not cut out to be a food blogger -phew- so this is the best you’re gettingof the finished dish…)

(also, apologies for slightly dodgy colour.. couldn’t get the right mixture of exposure time vs shaky photo vs white balance, so the white balance lost out. clearly, not a pro… oh well.)

  1. Suzi's Mum (Reenie) says:

    Thanks :) I should be able to do that once you’ve gone again

    And to say that one of the cupcake purchasers said they were “phenomenal” – and she didn’t have to, she doesn’t even know us. So well done you xx

  2. Suzi's Mum (Reenie) says:

    oh and the money from the art and cakes etc is going to Haiti – so that’s a good thing…

  3. Michael says:

    Your brown cupcake looks like a toilet a little bit

  4. suz says:

    mike, really? thanks. it’s supposed to be a birds nest, with mini eggs, but y’know… birds nest. toilet. same difference…

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