dumb dumb dumb

Posted: February 16, 2010 in everything else

it’s shrove tuesday today, and so, i made some pancakes. but, because i don’t really get the whole thin crepe style fascination that britain has, and because i may be slightly missing the americans, i made buttermilk pancakes. pretty good actually.

and so, tomorrow is ash wednesday. the start of lent.

i’ve been waking up each morning thie past week or so, thinking, oh, maybe today’ll be the day, maybe the letter that says i can come back to america will arrive in the post today, maybe i’ll get the email. and yet, i need to remember that God doesn’t work on my timescale or to my whims. so, i’ve been listening to some sermons on podcast, mostly from mars hill (recommendations are always appreciated) and letting loose my slightly more creative side. ha.


  1. Michael says:

    Are you telling me that God is an American?

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