Posted: March 26, 2010 in 1688401

well, it’s been a busy few weeks.

i’ve spent seven days out of the last fourteen working long days at lendrick muir helping out the catering team. gethering at least three more scars from hot things.

an evening in perth with Rob Bell listening to him talk about his book Drops Like Stars. which actually, really spoke to me. i really appreciated being there.

two days in fife, one to wander and one to catch up with some schoolfriends

a day in edinburgh helping a friend find a brilliant wedding dress… which may not be the one she wears down the aisle, but we both loved it…

today, i’ll be baking for my sisters fundraising ceilidh, tomorrow i’ll be going to her ceilidh (you’re all invited, partick trinity, 7pm, be there, it’s for a good cause. and there’ll be baking.) and sunday we’ll be driving down to london. but not, unless i hear in the next few days, to get a visa. yet.

so, that’s that. i was going to write about a few of the things that i was thinking about after listening to Rob, but, i might just keep thinking them instead.

oh, yeah and my computer is officially dead. any suggestions what i should invest in as a next computer?

  1. Michael says:

    Computer = depends what you’re looking for. What are the five things you’ll do most with it? How fast does it need to be to do these things? Do you need a CD drive? Screen size?

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