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Posted: April 30, 2010 in life
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ok, full disclosure, i was a bit nervous this morning.

we were going to visit a group over in Philly that work through the arts with kids at risk. basically, a community arts program. and i was nervous, because much as i love community arts, i have seen it done both amazingly and terribly. our group had had contact with this organisation twice before- once at the summit in november, and another time when the interns and streetleaders were together- which, whilst i wasn’t there, seemed to be a memorable experience… perhaps not for all the right reasons though.

so, i was nervous about how this all was going to go down, if we were going to be participating in arts activities or just more information gathering.

interestingly, there were two arts based activities, both which required quite a lot of trust for us- both trusting each other in the group and the facilitators. we were invited to share in a centering drumming session, which opened up the session without explanation, something i found a little strange, and then went on to ask us to draw.

so.. this was one of my first experiences as a participant in a community arts, rather than either a facilitator or student/facilitator/role-player. so that was really interesting, and also kinda hard, because i really wanted to be the one leading and explaining, and trying to facilitate that trust building.. yet, it’s been a while and i’ve not had any practice recently… so, huh, it was an interesting morning. and i really enjoyed hearing what they were thinking when they began the program, and how they set it up and what the goals for it were, so that was really cool, and did really reinforce my ideas that community arts can be a really valuable tool for building up kids and their communities and that i really need to be putting that more into practice whilst i’m here.

so, i guess, those were all good things to have reinforced and relearned, and it was a really interesting morning of learning and just good time with my friends.

i am genuinely really excited to be back here and hanging with my friends and the kids. yes. this is good. yes. :)

  1. Dad says:

    Hey Suz,

    It´s always hard losing control like that – but appreciate the open way you are sharing what is going on. Very glad to hear that others appreciate you as much as Mum and I do.

    Running out of time….


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