take your time coming home

Posted: May 12, 2010 in life

aaah, mexican food. today, we were appreciated for being interns, given some certificates (mine was for Perfect Attendance… :) ha.) and small gifts as well as a free lunch. since my best bet for staying in the us (at least before i got this visa and if i ever wanted to stay longer) is to become an american citizen, Albert gave me the Stephen Colbert ‘I Am America (And So Can You!)’ which amused my table for the rest of lunch… we were working out which of the male interns were gay according to the flowchart… apart from Chad? they all were…

camp today was fun, i hung out with a few of the 8th graders including two of my favourite girls, who have each been going through some tough times recently… for various reasons. then matt and i took two of his boys out to Cici’s pizza for dinner and talked about the year, their highlights and what they’re looking forward to for the summer… it was nice just to chill… now? pam, charlotte and i are heading out for dessert somewhere, and then i think charlotte and i are going to work on the intern t-shirts… which are going to be saaaweeeeeeeet.


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