oh what a night

Posted: May 14, 2010 in life

yesterday was a long day- it started early when i got up to make my roommate Sarah a birthday cake (ok, birthday cupcakes) before meeting pam at 8.30 to go to thriftway to buy food for the intern/panel discussion lunch. (we had black beans and rice. it was delish.)

when pam and i arrived back at urban bearing the food, we were met by Molly, who informed us that there had been a last minute donation of tickets and a box suite to the Riversharks game. The Riversharks are Camden’s local Baseball team, and so i took on the task of getting a bunch of the interns organised to take some kids and streetleaders to the game that night. we had 25 tickets and i ended up blagging a few extra, so we could fit a couple extra kids in.

after lunch, and a few phonecalls to try and find someone to drive a bus so we could get there (yeah, Garrett!) i headed over for the last day of program… there were a few emotional kids, and a few emotional adults, but since i knew i wasn’t leaving, i was pretty dry eyed… :)

after camp was over, we gathered up the troops and headed on out to Campbell’s field, home of the Riversharks! Baseball, it has to be said, isn’t particularly exciting, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with all the kids…

and then, home. and bed. hurrah!

  1. Mum says:

    sounds like a good night!!
    I’m missing your labours in our kitchen – the Russian guys arrive tomorrow and they have a very sweet tooth so I have made cranberry flapjack and billionaire shortbread – and what is left will go towards a Tearfund lunch for the General Assembly (i’ve promised traybakes for up to 100 possible customers!)
    They will be getting an update on the situation in Haiti as they eat their sandwiches and traybakes
    So it’s business as usual in this kitchen and then we go back to baking for Megs’ fundraising for Thailand
    Good to hear you’re busy and happy :)

  2. suz says:

    ha, you do miss me being your kitchen slave… well, enjoy the russians, and all your baking endeavours… i am enjoying being back, sitting at a cafe watching the world go by, it’s nice… :)

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