it’s catching up to me

Posted: May 17, 2010 in life

sitting in the Basement of urban listening to Belle and Sebastian and now Ben TD wasn’t exactly how i planned to spend today, but nonetheless it’s been fun… and, more importantly, productive!

this weekend was once again pretty mental…

a few of us went out for dinner to the royal tavern (again! so worth it!) on friday night, and spent a fun evening there and in the dive next door… where we were joined by another couple of interns..

saturday was a day full of adventure, with a trip for all of the junior high (5-8th grade) camps to dorney park- a theme park in PA. it was a later start and a long day, but definitely well worth it, with some really good bonding time for matt and the kids and i.. we took a whole bunch of 7th graders and had a total BLAST! when we eventually made it home, we ended up staying up talking for a while longer, until li finally decided to claim Lizzie’s bed for the night… ahhh, sleep. sunday morning mike and i went to sacred heart again- his last for a long time. it was a really good service and the rest of the day was a lot of fun too.. charlotte and i worked on the intern shirts some more, having to scrap about 6hours worth of work for a new back up plan around 7pm. grrrr.

however, today, the shirts are finally ready for their last few coats of paint, and then, we can let them dry, wash them and present them to the group! yay!

in other news, it’s the awards dinner for kids who’ve been particularly good all year tonight, and then tomorrow, JORDAN COMES BACK! i’m maybe a little excited to see my friend again… :)

it’s gonna be a good week.


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