on our way back home…

Posted: May 28, 2010 in life

so, of the 17 interns that gathered in NJ at the start of september…

2 are in Camden

1 is in Pennsylvania

1 in California

1 in DC

1 in Minnesota

1 in St Louis

1 on the road somewhere

1 in New Jersey

1 in Northern Ireland

1 in London

1 in Armenia

1 in Oregon

1 in Akron, Ohio

1 in Maine

1 in Kansas

1 in Vancouver, BC.

which makes me more than a little sad. and may explain a little of why it’s been pretty quiet around here the last week, i was trying to fully enjoy all the time i had with each of these briliant people. living the time rather than trying to think about how best to describe it all to you… so, sorry about that, but know that i had an amazing week, just being with my friends…

  1. M says:

    Camden is a lonley place!


  2. suz says:

    not as lonely as you might imagine, actually… i have some really good friends here, it just so happens that some of my best friends here have left.
    curious- how did you find my blog?

    • M says:

      Not sure actually. It was a confluence of many things I suppose, but as I fished around I dug the content. Hope you don’t mind… Keep up the great work!

      And you are right no place is lonley if you have friends around!


      • suz says:

        no, you’re fine… if i cared too much who found/read this, i guess i wouldn’t be posting it all on the internet… feel free to stick around.

        and i have some great friends, and i can and will always make more… (not forgetting the great ones i already have) so i’m not too lonely here… :)

  3. charlotteaurora says:

    Vancouver and Camden are not that far apart!

    • suz says:

      not when you have Skype… :) (and not as far apart as Vancouver (or Camden) and Glasgow, for sure… )

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