all i need is your love

Posted: June 2, 2010 in life
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so, the first week of living with Charity in Camden has come to a close- it’s been a really fun week. my circle of friends has definitely both closed down and opened up.

closed down because i live with one other person, and i have two other friends within walking (ish) distance- though one of them was away in Ft Lauderdale this week (way to go, Molly!).

opened up because whilst i may not have that many people to hang out with right now, more are coming and i have the opportunity to make new friends outside of Urban. So, for that, Circle on sunday was AWESOME! I got to see people that i haven’t seen in ages, and i made a new friend. hurrah!

and of course, i can chat to my other friends from this year on skype, text etc. and the ubiquitous facebook…

other than that, i’ve had a few adventures with my friends- Jesus and i took a boat out for a row on saturday. charity and i have had some collaborative cooking adventures, and i’ve had the chance to help out with some of the work around here that needs to be done. all good things. i’m enjoying this freedom to be useful and to be myself. i’m LOVING the fact that the local skater kids (our 7th & 8th graders) are all hanging out on our porch. in fact there are a bunch of them there right now. so yesterday, i hung out with them all evening. good times.

i’m even learning the guitar… slowly. really slowly, but surely. i now know what an E major scale looks like, as well as how to play C, D, E and G. yup. i’m proud of myself too. (see, mike, i didn’t lie to you…)

all in all, it’s been a pleasant week.

this next week though? It promises to be awesome. New York for six days with my three best friends from school, then, the day after i get back? Lizzie comes home to camden! does it get much better?

so, that’s me for now…

  1. charlotteaurora says:

    I want to come back to camden to be with you too!

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