but i won’t hesitate

Posted: June 24, 2010 in life
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well, it’s been a really eventful week… the biggest factor of that being that the interns all arrived yesterday- wednesday- and today was the first full day of training…

but before all that, there was tuesday.

most of urban cleared out of the office to man the Golf Tournament, one of the biggest fundraisers of the year, but Pam and i were in the office. i did a lot of supply runs and a lot of organising. it was a good day, productive.

i had two tasks for the evening, first to take Katie to the airport and then to pick up James later at night. on the way home from dropping off Katie, the Astro started seriously overheating. i was praying i could make it to a gas station to buy coolant or whatever, but it was not to be. i broke down just off the 130. BUMMER! molly and heather came to rescue me just as the first person to offer help stopped. once molly and heather arrived, a cop pulled over to see if i was ok, and then once we sorted out a note for the van and a t-shirt in the window (luckily, i was equipped wearing layers!) he sped us back home to urban (flashers and siren for a moment and everything- we almost missed our turn) where we tried to set about working out how to rescue the van and also go into Philly to celebrate Heather’s ‘golden birthday’ (same age as date, so 22 on the 22nd!). it was crazy- Josh and Garrett were dispatched to get oil and coolant (the engine was completely dry of oil… wonder why i broke down?!) and we had to meet them there to give them the key… right before we left, two cops called me to see if i had abandoned my vehicle on the side of the road- eeeshk. so we hustled back, got the van sorted, Garrett took it to get fixed and we took overselves over the Walt Whitman bridge to see if we could find something celebratory to do in Philly for the birthday girl…

soon enough it was time to head to the airport again to get James, luckily there were no breakdowns this time, and we all got home safe. if a little tired.

wednesday was a stupidly long day, beginning around 5.30/6.15 when i got a phone call about keys or something and so headed over to urban in order to let people in, and then head downtown to pick up Lane… and there commenced the craziness… 3 walmart trips, one Philly bus station trip, one Target run, waaay to many new faces for me to process, some hibernation in Pam’s office with easy menial tasks, and then, finally, one really ridiculously late airport run to pick up my roomies twin sister… who is like her, but not.

and then, today, an early start, lots of training stuff, some awesome games-Price is Aight and Minute to Win It- some Wacky Tour stuff, a crazy dinner, some bonding, and finally, a pretty awesome back rub. so ready for bed now…. :)

  1. Mum says:

    sounds a bit frantic – glad to hear you coped and hope the summer programme is a really fun time x x

  2. Michael says:

    And so it begins…

  3. suz says:

    yup… deep breath. aaaaaaaand GO!

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