as if nothing really matters

Posted: July 3, 2010 in life
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sitting in panera, watching Glee, enjoying the fact that i have a day off with which to do as much or as little as i like… (shooting for the little!)

i received a birthday package from my parents today, which was great, but also made me miss them a bit, and miss home- probably, mostly, made me miss being around people who know me. who know me really well, and know my stories. i think thats probably what i’m finding hardest about this transition, and about having just had my birthday here- most of these people, they don’t really know me. i’m sure by the end of the summer, some of them will, but right now.. it’s tough.

anyway. what all adventures have there been in camden this week? well, thursday and friday we had camp- which was both mental and awesome.. these kids are freakin crazy! Art is going ok so far. i need to be waaaaay more prepared for classes than i currently am, and i’m trying to adjust to that as well.

it’s just been a time of transitions, of finding my way, and of re-adjusting. so…. it’s good, i just need to get some more balance. i’m really excited because Dana and i will be running the drama option for street.leaders, and i am so excited to get doing more theatre stuff. :) also excited because Jesus has access to a bunch of watersportsy stuff (boats, canoes, kayaks) and so we can get out on the water a bunch this summer… yesterday we went kayaking and then ate some five guys (burger… fries… delish!)

i guess there’s really not much motre to say about all this, except… i finally shaved off all my hair…

so i’ve gone from this

through this

to this

  1. Dad says:

    Glad the parcel arrived, and that there is now proof of the dad hairstyle on show for the world to see! Alos see that you have a pierced eyebrow now…….

    Hope you get through this period of getting to know people, as I am sure you will enjoy them once you have got to know them over the next few weeks. Jesus sounds like my kind of guy, bring on the water sports.

    Love you xxx

  2. Mum says:

    Thanks for the photo – I def prefer it without the swatch of hair at the front. You could try not pulling scary faces when you get the photos taken – I’ve already had comments from someone here saying that you look kinda scary – they were attributing that to the shaved head but I think is due to the facial contortions =o)
    Anyway, glad you’re having a bit of a break before tackling the first full 5-day week of camp
    Love ya

  3. charlotteaurora says:

    Hey love! I really enjoy the new layout (though it might not be too new as I read your posts in Google Reader) anyway I LOVE YOU

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