dare you to … dunk?

Posted: July 8, 2010 in life

today was the first day of Basketball season here at urban. Spirit (my camp- YEAH!) and Grace went head to head over three games: the girls league (spirit won) the 7th & 8th grade boys (spirit won) and the 5th & 6th grade boys (grace won). so far- a really good start to the summer for spirit! the winds are changing, we will win!

yesterday camp was cancelled due to ‘extremely high temperatures’ (105f with no AC!). tuesday it reached 106f but we had swim day, so we went, regardless. i thoroughly enjoyed messing around in the pool with our kids, getting dunked, being asked to dunk other kids… general mess around type stuff. but i was talking about yesterday, my day off, where i went for lunch with the ‘lunch club’ (aka the people that were around during the break, plus heather) to chik fil a, and then helped dana run the drama option for the streetleaders which was pretty awesome, the wednesday class were a lot more hyper and chatty than the tuesday class, but it was all good. really reallyt exciting to be back in a theatre/drama setting and helping kids appreciate and understand and enjoy the dramatic art as much as i do… so that was freakin awesome.

it’s been a good week, lots of fun people around, some really good conversations, some really good time with the kids and a bunch of time going crazy doing art. next week involves a lot of crazy paint! we’re having splatter day! it’s going to be amazing! i’ll be bringing my camera to camp tomorrow, finally taking pictures of all that’s going on around here… and maybe, one day, when i actually have some money, i’ll get them developed… :)

  1. Michael says:

    Where the hell is you hair?

    You must be working with Katie…

    • suz says:

      yeah… but it wasn’t her influence… another girl wanted to do it first, and i jumped on the bandwagon… and actually did it before the rest of them. it was an expeience i needed to have. i’m enjoying it… i’ll try and call you soon. :)

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