it’s funny how life is seldom what we plan

Posted: July 11, 2010 in everything else
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i really love people watching in panera. there’s usually at least one cute grandma type eating her soup and chips. several college students working away on their laptops, maybe a family or two out for some lunch, and then lizzie and i, each on our seperate tables, working away on our different things, contentedly enjoying the peace and AC away from the Urban campus.

i’ve been talking with some different people recently, about their lives, my life, just different things. it’s been interesting how often this idea of- this wasn’t where i expected to, but it’s good- has come up. relationally too, they may not be in quite the place they though they would be, but the possibilities that are opening up now are just so much more than they’d expected. our experiences really shape us into who we are. and i’m really grateful for this past year or that, for who these people have shaped me into, and i’m excited about how this summer and this next year is also going to shape me.

thank y’all for being part of this journey with me, for being willing participants, willing co-conspirators.. i really don’t know what will happen next, and i’m excited and scared. i think the transition out of urban (though it is a whole year away still) is on my mind right now, as i continue to make new friends, connections and roots in this area. phew. lots going on in my brain right now!

on top of which… i’m reading Peter Rollins book ‘how (not) to speak of God’. which is pretty intense. and then i have a Tolstoy (the kingdom of God is within you) to read after that… (michael, you moved away, i needed another person in the area to recommend and lend me books… but i think you’d really like kent. so you should come back and meet him. maybe in like, 2 years?! )

so, the old brain is getting a little overfull, and possibly overheated what with all the freaking sunshine we’ve had recently!

  1. Michael says:

    I still want you to read To Heal a Fractured World by Jonathan Sacks.

    If (and after) you do, make sure Bruce gets the book

  2. suz says:

    done. and done. :)
    you and hugh have a nice chat last night?
    i’m finishing up a letter to you. so hopefully that’ll get posted soon…

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