poetry slam

Posted: July 23, 2010 in life

so a few of us ventured out to philadelphia last night for a spoken word/poetry/performance open mic night… and it was freakin awesome.

i’ve never really been a big fan of poetry, i never really understod it, but recently, like in the last year or so, i’ve gotten a little more interested.. and so last night was awesome. and really, really, really want to write something to perform. or just write more in general.

and since i have a list, as yet incomplete, of 100 goals (which i will finish and post soon… ish), that will definitely be going on there… :)

(i just tried to publish this and it only saved a little bit. annoyed.)

so looking forward to this weekend… chilling, cycling, peace, quiet, (most of my house are in PA for the weekend with the choir) it’s going to be great.

oh… once i collect my thoughts, i will give y’all what i’ve been thinking about re: how (not) to speak of God. (and then… once i finish it, my thoughts on tolstoy’s the kingdom of god is within you)

  1. emma says:

    slam poetry… aweseome! I’ve been falling in love with performance poetry since I came across Anis Mojgani – if you haven’t heard any of his stuff you MUST check it out! There’s also a really good podcast, called the Indiefeed Performance Poetry podcast. Usually features some pretty interesting poets.

  2. deb says:

    oi oi poppet, this sounds amazing! I’ll come see you perform! x

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