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Posted: August 1, 2010 in life
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so, here are your promised stories. before the first one, i want to show you a few a more pictures, particularly those that are important to this story…

so, pizza.

pizza usually just involves a phone call and a box, right? well, not on thursday.

on thursday, Justin and Jeremiah were in my house, as part of Bible Buddies (with a couple of interns from Faith) and they were supposed to be making brownies…. however, with six kids scrunched round one bowl, and only about three ingredients to add, they were getting restless…

i on the other hand, needed to make enough pizza dough to feed 16people… so i roped in these two beautiful 7 yr olds to help. They were over the moon at the prospect of making pizza and so we got stuck in. chopping up butter was the first task, which they accomplished admirably, (Jeremiah may have eaten a piece whilst he was cutting it up… but who am i to judge?!) and then… Flour.

as you can probably tell from the pictures, we got more flour on the table and ourselves than actually into dough, but the boys had a blast. cracking the eggs, mixing them up and putting in a pinch of this and a pinch of that (salt and herbs) just added to their enjoyment. (the pictures may not be perfect, but i feel like they just capture the excitement and energy of these two kids…)

by the end, i had a great big mess, but two very happy boys and two big trays of dough, definitely enough to keep our house (and special guests Bruce and Maddy) happy that evening!

yesterday, we took our last official intern trip to atlantic city. the weather was lovely, it was warm but not roasting hot, although the traffic was a nightmare. once we eventually got there, we had some brunch, a little worship, lunch and then we were free to wander… Heather and I decided to go try and find some of the geocaches in the area, but we failed miserably… instead we tried to play the slots (i was hoping to win big, but i only had $2 and all the games were $5 minimum… go figure), find a hotel pool to swim in (we found the roof parking lot, and about 8 used condoms on the stairwell down from it), bought a large amount of candy (i won’t even tell you how much.. i still have some -ok, a lot- left), drank really expensive beverages and made our way back to the group.

the second part of our adventure was at the outlet mall, where we all got the chance to go shopping for a little while. Heathuh and i were on a mission to find her some new jean shorts. we failed, but in Old Navy we had an epic win of a different sort. the sales assistant who was helping us out started to tell us her life story- she used to be an addict, prostitutin’, whatever. she got charged twice for prostitution, and she’s had four kids, none of whom now live with her. her eldest two, she hasn’t seen in 8 years (they’re 13 and 14). but she’s turning her life around, she’s holding down a stable job, she’s doing her best to talk to her kids regularly, be in a stable relationship… she was this crazy incredible lady who’s been through so much… it was a really interesting conversation. and a freakin awesome night!

ok, lest this get too long, i’ll leave you at that and post more stories later… :)

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