Posted: August 28, 2010 in people
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so, my hair is slowly but surely growing out… right now, this very second, even as i type this (one handed! 37 words per minute! 100% accuracy! i took an online test the other day…. sad or what?!) i am siiting in the starbucks that my dear friend Charlotte works at in Horseshoe Bay…

i arrived late last night, after a day of tidying up and packing and flights across the country and i will be here til thursday, when i fly down to LA to meet up with Heather who i am then driving all the way across the US with… good times, right?

today, after a lesiurely start (well, i woke at 7am- 10am east coast time, and then forced myself to sleep again for another two hours) char had to go to work and i got the chance to hang out with her family- we took a tour up Cypress, (a mountain) and then around the market-y area (i don’t remember what it was called), back for lunch and then over to Horseshoe Bay to see Char… :)

gonna hopefully have some good adventures while i’m out, and i’m sure i’ll update fairly regularly…


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