utah…. and everything between it and camden.

Posted: September 17, 2010 in life

so, i got home.

about five days later than planned, and with significantly fewer stops than anticipated, we arrived back in camden. here’s how it all went down.



utah (with Evelyn, our crazy cool 12yr old new friend)

ok. the internet hates me. so i’m going to finish this later. probably in the airport. or when i get home. or somewhere, anywhere, that has better internet than my house. fear not, you will see the rest of our trip! phl airport, waiting for my slightly delayed flight to london heathrow.

utah (geo caching with willie our mechanic -shhh, don’t tell him i told you…!)

utah (our friends at Mike’s Auto Clinic. John, Mike, Willie.)

fort collins, colorado. the richards family were the most welcoming people… they gave us comfy beds, a mexican train set, and love. and we got to play with this dog! :)

Prairie Dog town, kansas. it was crazy. heather is pretending to be a prairie dog/gopher.

oh, boarding. will finish later…

later. (like a week and a half later)

stephanie and sarah (my roomie from last year!!!) came to visit us at Barb’s house, where we stayd, for a very restful night…

nostalgiaville usa… just into missouri, this little kitsch place was where we decided to take a quick break- and where heather found gifts for her family….

st louis missouri, with Jordan and the Arch.

and here started the epic 15ish hour drive through the night in order to get to camden the next morning.

the giant cross. exactly where this was now escapes me… oh well. effingham! that’s where.

me winning the game that cracker barrel put on the tables in their restaurant. heather didn’t do nearly so well…

and then… we were home, welcomed by the rain…

  1. reenie says:

    good photos Suz – glad you shortened the title =o)

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