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Posted: October 3, 2010 in life, love, people
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so, after all the adventures of being on the road for a week, i got back to camden, met all the new interns, had a week to get settled back into life, get some more training, and then, i left again. this time, for 8 days to Scotland…

i was home so that i could be at the wedding of two of my friends from university. Debbie was one of my flatmates the four years i lived in Glasgow, and Paul became a friend in the last year of uni.

when Debbie told me the date of the wedding, way back in february or march, i knew that whatever else was going on in my life, i wold be in Linlithgow on the 24th of September to see my friends celebrate their love for each other. and so, they were the only focused point in my life, the only definite, in a world full of uncertainties… would i get a visa? would i be in the states come september, or would i be back in scotland? whatever else my life looked like, i was coming home for them.

and here we are. i’m still living in New Jersey, trying to make some kind of life, whether for the short or longer term, and so i had to make the transatlantic trip to see this pair tie the knot.

the week before i left, i was content, happy to consider making new jersey my home for the forseeable future, maybe not forever, but for a little while… and then i set foot in scottish soil, and now… well, now i want live in two places at once. you see, i have ties in the Uk, and those ties are longer and deeper and stronger than the ties i currently have in NJ. not to say that either lace is particularly better, or that i love one more than the other, nor am i saying that i am unhappy here, on the contrary, i love my life in NJ, but just that this is hard. that being in one place, but being in love with two, and watching my friends go on without me is tough. all this to say that i’m in a little bit of a muddle, but it’s a good thing. i get to be intentional with who and how i maintain relationships (letter writing will definitely be a BIG part of my life from now on, more so than before, i hope. i love letter writing.) and i get to mourn those that will, inevitably not get quite so much love or attention and suffer a little. but i am hopeful that this will only be an enriching experience and that my relationships on both sides of the pond will continue to shape, mould and grow me into the best version of me.

anyway, this is already the most wordy post i’ve written in a while, which, i have to say, feels good. but i do love pictures and i do have a few good ones from my trip. (thanks dad for letting me borrow your camera… and megs for taking some of these!)

(debbie and paul, if James hasn’t passed on your wedding gift from me yet, then consider this your sneak peek… i love you both and hope you enjoy this… )

there are better picures,but i liked this one.

and, i think, that concludes the pictures i took whilst home.

it’s been good. so good.

please, if you’d like to be one of the people that i write to on a semi-regular basis…. send me your address! (there’s a few of you that can’t escape that… ha.)

  1. Michael says:


    Speaking of letters, I got your one from Canada on Friday.

    and speaking of blogposts, where’s the rest of your roadtrip?

    • suz says:

      look down the page! i finished it up! it’s not real wordy (but i started writing.. so, look out for that, and your edited story) but there’s plenty pictures…
      also… glad you got the letter.. you enjoy it? it was long… i just started another one… ha ha, i’m unstoppable….
      also also, why does your comment start with ‘you!’ ??

  2. charlotteaurora says:

    I love the moustaches! they turned out great!

  3. Dad says:

    I like letters too!

    Some great photos here, thanks for sharing them…xxx

  4. emma says:

    Nice photos :-) I especially like the one with the shoe. I dunno, I’m a sucker for odd images. We will eventually get a skype date set up soon.

  5. inthegraspofwonder says:

    The D and P are amazing, so many quality quotes! They are hanging gracefully in our kitchen, it’s a beautiful scene.

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