the neon sign flashed out it’s warning…

Posted: October 19, 2010 in everything else, life

well, it’s been a busy old time around here. we moved house, we cleaned like fiends, we celebrated a birthday or two, we had another week or two of camp, we prepared for the banquet, and now… it’s time to finis what we’ve started. tomorrow is the first day of the Banquet and we’ll be working hard over the next 48 hours or so to make sure that it runs smoothly.

there have been a lot of fun things going on recently, we had our first open mic night of the season, and the streetleaders performed, but for me, the best parts of the night were when Jesus and Ellen did a mash up of ‘your love’ and some other country song, and then Kent sang his song, ‘home’, which was freaking awesome!!! it was Kent’s birthday too, so we ended up hanging out (Jesus, Kent, Britani and Rae) for a little while after, playing music and just hanging out…

anyway… once again, sorry for the half finished post, but i have to go work on skits for a while…

  1. Michael says:

    Dear You,

    You still owe us the rest of your cross-continent journey.

    Waiting patiently… with constant reminders

  2. suz says:

    in which form? i put up the pictures… i just didn’t tell you any stories… and i may have been a little distracted. y’know, bedbugs.

    alright, aright, i’ll do my best to update that f’reals this weekend. while i have time off. and, y’know, if you want stories, you can always call me… :) ha

  3. Dad says:

    Yeah, you just call her, she responds best when out under pressure……

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