this is the first day of my life

Posted: October 31, 2010 in life

so yesterday… was the best trip of the year…. ha- well, it’s at least the best trip of the first half of the year. Messiah College and Hershey Park.

i didn’t take any pictures because a) i have a film camera and not that much money to continually buy/process film, and b) i was having way too much fun to want to stop and take pictures… :)

anyway, we spent a day between Messiah, where the students came and took the kids off our hands, fed them, did activities with them, and generally entertained them for a couple hours while we got to hang out and chill. we then drove over to Hershey park… and proceeded to go on all the scariest rides… Omar, Evan and Harvey, the three boys i was with the most, were an incredible mixture of terror and joy. it was beautiful. we started out with 6 camp spirit kids for 5 adults, and ended up with 3, having pawned the other three off on Miss Jenn and camp faith (thanks!).

home again and straight to bed. brilliant.

today, being halloween, Jesus and I, and Rachel, are dressing up to go to Circle of Hope this evening. we just decided it would be funny. so i’ll be a penguin, Jesus’ll be a panda, and Rach’ll be a ladybug. :)

  1. Lizzie says:

    I know there’s no pictures from Messiah, but did anyone take a couple of the penguin and panda?? :)

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