cold is the water…

Posted: November 8, 2010 in life

well, it’s been an interesting old week. i thought my computer was broken, until it turned out that it was just the charger that i bought that had begun to fall apart… boo.

this week was a week of special days at camp, of days where we took out a couple kids to do something, whether it was a trip to dave and busters, or to go skating… then thursday and friday, we had the summit, the yearly gathering of all urban promise staff from the different sites. good couple days of fellowship and teaching. thursday night we had a coffeehouse open mic, which heather and i were painting at. we each had a large piece of posterboard stuff, an easel and our paints… and we went at it. i’m not sure if we have pictures, but i’ll find out. (elise and eric took my picture home as a baby shower gift… )

my favourite thing about this week? that last sunday, halloween, it wasn’t weird at all that a bunch of us got dressed up in costumes for church. and then went and had a bonfire at ashleys house. and made new friends. it was perfect.

i’ll update this post later with pictures. i’ll steal those from someone else.

(todays highlight? a random phone call from Jules and Cairin. yes!)

  1. Rachel Lownsbrough says:

    HA! I’ve finally found the time to get onto your blog and read it, yes!!! I see that you have stolen my pics which is awesome, and the title of this blogpost really reminded me of our trip to atlantic city. Walking down the beach listening to ‘Timshel’ and feeling slightly melancholic was amazing. Beautiful memories. I have had so much fun recounting them to avid listeners (aka my mum and dad!) xxx

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