cos i got my pride

Posted: November 30, 2010 in life

well, the goings on at camden have somehow managed to keep me fully occupied this last week or so.

we had our annual thanksgiving dinners- both eastside camps served together as did the downtown/north camps. three turkey dinners later, and we were just about ready for the actual day.

thanksgiving last year for me was a completely different experience- Chad and i were on the road driving back from STL where we’d left Jordan with his family, and so we spent most of the day on the road and a lot of black friday either sleeping or cooking (mmmm… curry). this year, Jesus, Kent, Britani and I started the day with some disc golf before heading back to gloucester city where, after a short interlude so Jesus and I could change vans and grab the food and such, Brit and i proceeded to cook the crap out of a bunch of food, which was all delicious. i think the highlights of the meal were the sweet potatoes, the cauliflower gratin and these freaking delicious sweet red peppers stuffed with a cheese/cornmeal/hot sauce mix… oh my, it was too good.

we passed the rest of the time singing, talking, laughing and getting to know the neighbours. Steve was a character to be sure, Jesus and I spent most of that conversation looking at each other like, ‘is this guy for real?’ and so on, but Chuck, another neighbour was the sweetest guy ever. he worked on the docks, loading and unloading the ships and so, the next day, came knocking on the door with a box of clementines for me. :) wonderful.

friday, we hung out, watched movies, played settlers of cata’an and then headed home eventually. it was, all in all, a great friendsgiving.

i still haven’t gotten around to uploading more pictures… so… soon.


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