o holy night…

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

first snowfall that merits any sort of mention came today. it’s beginning to look more like the new jersey i know. :) although we didn’t get a white christmas, we’ve got a white boxing day (a holiday not celebrated over here, i do think we Brits have the right idea… extra days for holiday? yes please!) .

christmas was unusual this year- i went to the christmas eve candlight service that Circle of Hope were having at Broad and Washington (almost didn’t find where i was going, but i got there. thanks to the signs outside. and the fact that i’m not a total dunce, most of the time.)  which was beautiful, and poignant. lots of people just waiting for the birth of Christ. hoping for and expecting something amazing to come into the world again, waiting, waiting, preparing, waiting. and then i went home, read some rumi (rachel, i’ve stolen your book and i love it. you may never see it again. i jest, it’ll be on the bookshelf.) and then went to sleep. and then, it was christmas. i had two gifts from my the kids i took on the shopping spree (did i tell you guys about that? hmmm. there’s a philly inquirer article about it, here, and that kid in the first picture? a camp spirit 5th grader.). Ashley decided to give me a teddy bear she was gonna give her mum and Isaiah decided i needed the gigantic gag glasses he was going to give his brother. fighting with them didn’t work, so i opened those on saturday morning. plus the gift my roomie gave me- Ashley is the greatest room-mate! (confusing, i know, two ashleys.)

the rest of the day i spent with Britani, Kent and Joe. we ate chilli (thanks for the recipe, michael- it was a hit…) and played video games and ate pie, and talked and generally had a good time. it was definitely a different christmas than i’d had before, but it was lovely. (made all the more lovely by the phone calls… you guys know who you are…!)

and then, i went home, puttered around the house, and went to bed. and now, today… it’s snowing!

  1. Lizzie says:

    suz- it’s been more than 2 weeks and i have withdrawl. glad you had a merry christmas and see you soon!

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